Staff Augmentation
In today's market, the benefits of hiring employees on a contract versus permanent basis are increasing.

Why Contract?
Choosing Raas Infotek contract employees is beneficial to most clients.

  • Here's why :
  • Reduces work for your Human Resources department (we pre-screen, hire, train, provide benefits, deliver paychecks, etc.)
  • Reduces the costs of advertising for new employees, as well as the costs of recruiting, testing, screening, etc.
  • Provides costs savings related to payroll processing and benefits administration
  • Provides you with employees for difficult-to-fill positions
  • Provides employees nationwide and internationally
  • Fulfills temporary labor spikes and satisfies project work
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for finding candidates
  • Our principals, account executives, sales personnel, and technical recruiters build relationships with client management and procurement officers, and also work with managed vendor service organizations. Clients may want consultants who provide the vision, leadership, and technical strengths to get the job done, while others may need only a short-term programmer to get the 'nuts and bolts' done. Our account executives have the experience in asking the right questions to help the client best articulate the goals, environment, and expectations, to ensure the right consultant for the job.

    Our approach to client staffing is simple
    Understand the requirement.
    Ask the right questions.
    Deliver the right people with the right expertise.
    Grow the relationship through value-added service.

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